About CELT

​​​​​ C.E.L.T.


 I started in the elevator industry 40 years ago as a teenager for Bay State Elevator .I've been there ever since and I am currently a Superintendent for them. I have been an Instructor for the National Elevator Industry Education Program since 1990 and am certified as in Instructor for subjects like OSHA 10 and OSHA 30,Competent Person Scaffolding, and CPR .


When Massachusetts began requiring continuing education classes to renew licenses, my coworker,Joe O'Malley (who had a teaching degree) asked me if I wanted to help him start a continuing education program​ as we all needed a way to renew our licenses. Joe was instrumental in getting this program off the ground with the state. He had to jump through hoops and put in a lot of work to see it through.

 When Joe became a State Inspector,his new responsibilities prevented him from continuing with CELT so I was scrambling to find someone to replace him. As luck would have it, Tom Costello was retired as the DPS code coordinator ( I never met anyone who loves code more than him). Tom has been in the Elevator Industry for an eternity so I asked him if he was interested in joining me. Fortunately for me, he jumped on board and bailed me out.

There's never a shortage of discussions during our classes as code is always up to interpretation and opinion. There's  nothing like getting a bunch of elevator/lift guys in a room and getting a discussion going.Come join us for a day and if you are like me, you will learn something that you didn't know before.

Thanks and work safe,